17th post: Imaginary Friend

17th post: Imaginary Friend

To break the silence, I tell everything to you.
You subconsciously realise you know everything, all the gesture and your oracle instinct.
You subconsciously realise you have nothing more to say.
All you have to do: wrap your lips in silence, let me babbling right away, fussing the whole thing, the whole world, let myself on my own world.
Fully immersed by my own world.
But you find out myself fully immersed with your own, your whole world.
The whole silence in your tiny world. Silence is everything.
Every millisecond is worth a pleasure.
I enjoy you in silence.
You can hear me bumbling.
And here I am deafening with your silence.
We are subconsciously trapped, letting ourselves incorrigible.
We both are trapped in our incarceration.

17 06 2016


16th post: 2AM Thoughts, La Douleur Exquise

16th post: 2AM Thoughts, La Douleur Exquise

Nearly zero, almost nothing.
I probably don’t exist.
Don’t you ever dare to ask me!
A qui la faute—who’s to blame?
My existence probably nothing in your eyes,
I am;
The dust among those autumn leaves,
Annoyingly existed,

AM 1:57 04 10 2016

14th post: 3AM Thoughts, Time-teller

14th post: 3AM Thoughts, Time-teller

At the end of the day
Calling out every single elephant who can remember
At the top of melancholy hill
The big pile of memories
We put an elephant on a top of it
So it can be the storyteller to the old days
Years already passed when you’re trying to look into another glass and digging
Going deeper and deeper
Through the big pile of memories
Until we find ourselves as memento for our children
At the end of the day

Cilegon 23 07 2016

10th post: June 4, 1940: The Last Day of Dunkirk Evacuation


Feels like we’ve been running to the cottage.
That stand still blue cottage near the beach, that you have showed me the photograph before.
I have been keeping them safely–your letters, the photograph–sitting in silence inside my pocket military uniform.
Both of our silhouette constantly tailing our presence, trying to merge with the time.
Our preexistence.

Cilegon 20160419

3rd post: That Evening

That evening, I tried to pretend those glances; your eyes were not actually sticking me around
Tried not to realise every single inch of your step, those light step
Beyond the air, beyond me
Leaving the silhouette, without reciting the eulogies;
Only the glances left behind,
Sticking to your trace, your eerie feeling-somehow way
We were not actually here, we were not actually exist
Why should we sing an ode to the farewell?
We looked to each other
Without saying any monosyllabic single character to spell
But here, could you believe, that I got myself along this ego, stood still put my face on these characters, puzzled my eyes?
We were stuck, or in other hand I was the one who stuck in my own

April 2015

2nd post: Me In You

Your existence echoes inside me.
Uttering my name, in every litres of blood flowing inside my vessels.
Your existence in every one.
Popping one by one’s soul, haunting them as they thought they haunting themselves.
Until you found out People got you under their skin, and cannot get rid of.

May 2015