To break the silence, I tell everything to you.
You subconsciously realise you know everything, all the gesture and your oracle instinct.
You subconsciously realise you have nothing more to say.
All you have to do: wrap your lips in silence, let me babbling right away, fussing the whole thing, the whole world, let myself on my own world.
Fully immersed by my own world.
But you find out myself fully immersed with your own, your whole world.
The whole silence in your tiny world. Silence is everything.
Every millisecond is worth a pleasure.
I enjoy you in silence.
You can hear me bumbling.
And here I am deafening with your silence.
We are subconsciously trapped, letting ourselves incorrigible.
We both are trapped in our incarceration.

17 06 2016


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