11th post: It’s The Uni Life, Bruh. Welcome to The Club.

It’s the university life, wow, finally, me myself and I, become a university student. The coolest yellow-ish ID card (haha), the yellow jacket (oui, cette yellow jacket est tres repute ici—pardon my messy french haha– particularly around the highschoolers who madly want to be the part of this uni), all of those privileges around the campus and the free access to the uni library (yes they claimed my current university has the biggest library in the southeast asia (this really needs a citation). I don’t know exactly which part is the biggest, the building or the collections?).

The truth is, the whole thing happened on these two months is more like playing myself inside The sims 3 university life. Me the main character, enrolled to the university, got the letter of acceptance, (which must be lucky since I wasn’t really serious about enrolling to the uni. You might not believe if I told you  I was almost sleeping during the entrance test), travelled alone (not really) with her big boxes of her stuffs, and ended-up found herself in a new strange surrounding. A stranger in a strange city, indeed.

I really love the library here. Idek it’s more like a mini mall with some restaurants and convenience store and mini bookstore and sbux and s’mores I mean it’s so convenient here, I could even sleeping on the, yeah I forgot what’s the name but it’s more like a room with desks and chairs so you can conveniently doing your business with your laptop, books etc.

The only one thing beside the library and the famous yellow submarine bus that bewitched me as well since I arrived here: the KRL. The commuter. The another-version-of-parisian-metro (well not really) but sadly we don’t have any underground station here just like Balham tube station ugh that will be so cute if it actually does exist. Haha. Sometimes it could be so dense and crowded even you couldn’t move yourself, sometimes it could be so loose that you could easily walk into another car.

Oh, the most and the last important thing here: lots of cats here woah I can’t even hold myself not to touch ‘em.

See you! Gonna post s’more soon.

Depok, 23 08 2016




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